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question for the list--when did the FRA[assumed] outlaw the
ribbed back freight wheels from interchange traffic and was there a
grace period for instillation of the flat back wheels--thanks

J - Not sure when the chilled iron wheels were outlawed, but the
National Museum of Transport in St Louis has a wood ART refrigerator
car on display that has one relatively new ribbed-back wheelset (2-
wheels on axle) that has the date "1959" cast on each wheel. In
1948, approximately 85% of the freight car fleet had this type of
wheel, according to the CBC. They were definately made and applied
to cars throughout the 1950's.

On a related matter, MP and ART painted their wheels and truck
sideframes black up until the early 1960's. They also painted the
couplers black. The paint must have been special - did not hide any
defects - since wheels, sideframes and couplers were not supposed to
be painted. MP and ART were a spit-and-polish operation until the
late 1950's. I have seen black paint in good condition on MP MOW
boxcars' trucks and couplers as recently as the early 1980's.

Please excuse me if this paint-on-trucks/couplers issue has already
been beaten to death on the list - I am new here. A.T. Kott

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