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I'm cross posting this in hopes of getting some insight from y'all sorry
for any dupes!

Last week Stu Thayer posted to the PM-list:
Today I finished a model that I started quite a while ago. It is a Western
Railway of Alabama 40' PS-1. I started with an IM kit, and used a custom set
of decals done by Curt Fortenberry. I really like this car. But then again
I like all of the cars belonging to the roads that made up the Georgia Group
of railroads.
Stu, and anyone else who cares to comment...

A couple of years ago, I picked up a dry transfer set from Campbell Road (I
think) of S&A and A&WP (I believe) boxcars. The data sets led me to
believe that they were appropriate for 1937 40' AAR, 10'6" interior height
cars. Is this true? What did these roads have in this style? Any
additional guides/comments on color etc.

I can't do the PS-1 thing as it too modern for me (yeah, I pass on all
those Kadee boxcars Jim)

Happy Rails

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