Re: Intermountain NP Reefers

Tom Jones III <tomtherailnut@...>

The R-40-25 is in production now for another run! Promised by InterMountain
for before Christmas, they are a bit behind schedule. However, you will not
be disappointed!

Tom Jones III

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Subject: [STMFC] Re: Intermountain NP Reefers

I haven't seen any mention of Intermountain re-running the NP R40-23.
The folks at the Amarillo Railroad Museum spomsored the R40-25 in
both NP and PFE versions. In my quest to get some of their
proprietary diagonal panel reefer roofs as a separate part for other
reefer projects my Amarillo contacts mentioned that they may be re-
running the long sold out R40-25s. Maybe some members of that group
who I see occasionally post to this group can fill you in.

Bill McCoy

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