Re: Red Ball "NYC 40 ft Sheathed Boxcar (X-29)"

Robert Daniels

Okay, just a wild guess here -- did someone mean to
say "Red Caboose" and not "Red Ball?"

Rob Daniels
New York, NY

--- Denny Anspach <danspach@...> wrote:
Ben Hom writes-

Lou Nigro wrote:
"I was at a train meet yesterday and picked up one
Red Ball NYC 40' Sheathed
Box Car (X-29)..."

Man, that is one confusing description. AFAIK, Red
Ball never did a cast
metal X29 kit, though I wouldn't be surprised if
they did paper sides in the
early days of HO. Do you have a scan or
description of any of the castings
or the instruction sheet that you can post or
e-mail me off-line? I'm
curious (and I'll bet Doc Denny is too) to see what
this car really is.

Hm-m-mm. This is ringing no bells as yet. There is
no car remotely
of this description in my Red Ball catalogues (M.
Dale Newton 1941,
Howell Day 1958), nor in J.P. Barger's all time Red
Ball master list.
They did produce house car plated metal ends (#552),
but off hand
they do not look like X29 (I will have to compare
them today). I
found no complementary sides (which for Red Ball
would also have
been made of cast metal).

It is possible that Newton after the war did make up
X29 parts that
were never sold in a kit, and Howell Day simply did
not pick them up
or produces them for one reason or another.

Newton loved colorful reefers and semi-oddball (and
odd ball) cars
that called for fine colorful printing on one hand
(he was a printer
by trade), and detailed castings with a lot of
relief on the other
(he already had casting machines for his type). He
did very few
boxcars as a result.

John Anderson, later of Kemtron and Cal Scale fame
made Newton's
patterns, and also drew the pictures for his
catalogues (as he also
did for Kemtron, and for Cal Scale). Anderson did
extremely fine
work; and Newton's passion was printing up some
pretty wonderful,
pretty accurate and colorful reefer sides. These
attributes can make
the Red Ball cars and kits pretty satisfying. The
catalogues are
works of art by themselves.

(but, I ramble on...!)

Denny (also a sometime Vermonter...)

Denny S. Anspach, MD
Sacramento, California

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