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heh heh ... Welcome to the side show that never ends....

Is there any other industry that refused to date anything as overwhelmingly as the railroad industry? Of course, I ascribe the fact that the D&RG(W) didn't do it to the fact that at the time they were in the throes of the WP and/or the MP during the period. And as can readily be seen, THEY didn't see fit to date anything either.

I have a D&RGW publication that is similar in nature, but is a bound and printed thing as opposed to a typewritten thing. It has no date, but proudly indicates the recent purchase of new "Mountain" locomotives (the 1800 4-8-4's - which is a whole 'nother story). from which we can tell about when the thing was issued. But not quite as there are other facilities in the publication that conflict with the date one might put on it. But it too provides like information (as an aside, Ted Schempf of Rails Unlimited has been publishing/republishing various freight guides with similar information and has them for several roads including (of course) the Milwaukee but also the CRIP and some others).

The best way to tell, unless someone has the publication list (that lists the circulars and when published - which the CSRRM should have - is to determine by facilities and do some extrapolation. The other, perhaps more entertaining method is look for other circulars and see if you can snare a date from them. Always assuming of course that no one here has better ideas.

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Industries Located At Points Served
Team Track Facilities
Ramps And Platforms
Track Scales
Icing Stations
Interchange Points

This book is large - 170 pages plus maps - and lists EVERY
industry and rail connection served by the WP and its various

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