Re: Western Pacific Circular No. 167-E

Shawn Beckert

Dave, I still had your old e-mail in the address file; that's now updated.
I'll be sending you some data shortly (I'm scarfing lunch at the moment).
We'll start with Oakland - that and Salt Lake City had a huge amount of
listings - and see if we can come up with a date of some kind.

Shawn Beckert

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Shawn, I'd be able to help -- and keen to do so. I have WP industry
listings from the mid 50's and early 60's so we can compare your undated
list to them. FWIW, your document could be as late as 1981... If the WP
still had some typewritter ribbons left they'd have used them up first
before taking delivery on a computer. 8-)

You have my e-mail?

Dave Nelson

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Now, here's the catch, and why I need the help of the WP gurus on the STMFC
list: There is absolutely NO DATE on this publication.
Not anywhere, which is amazing (to me, anyway).

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