Red Ball A A R Boxcar Kit (X29)

Edwin C. Kirstatter <Q1xaMacArthur1@...>

I have a Red Ball kit number K-197 for a X29 style box car. I do not have
its original box but it came from M. Dale Newton Co. sometime in the late

This kit is not the usual wood kit with printed paper sides. This kit
has the usual wood parts for roof,
floor, sides and three spacer blocks to build up a box to which you
applied wrappers and a wood roof walk. NO instructions! NO decals, NO
trucks, NO couplers of any kind!

The wrappers consist of thin Aluminum stampings with a gummed backing.
The sides, roof and ends
are embossed with two sizes of rivets and plate seams. In the space where
the door would go is
stamped "AAR, Boxcar, sides". And in the middle of roof it is stamped
"Roof". As if we couldn't
figure that out!

The only castings included are: two Youngstown type doors and a
underframe and two body bolsters.
And of course the assorted staples to be used as sill steps and hand

The embossing would have to be trimmed to size then bent to fit around
the wood box. If you guys like to build kits, You would Love this one.

I also have the Red Ball PRR X23 box car and F25 well flat car.

Edwin C. Kirstatter.

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