Re: Moloco Diagonal Panel Roof (with overhanging eaves)

rwitt_2000 <rmwitt@...>

"Gatwood, Elden" wrote:
... but I neglected to get the date of first use on the prototype,
and on what. Any definitive date?
I am sure there are other examples, but ~1956 the B&O started using
"ZU" overhanging roofs with their Class M-65 50-ft double-door box
cars. The next group were the Class M-66 40-ft box cars built in
1957. The Class M-67 also built in 1957 were IH 10"-0" PS-1 cars, but
used the P-S version of the "ZU" roof.

Earlier versions of roofs with overhanging eaves appeared on the NYC
all-steel, USRA clone box cars. All steel refrigerator cars
introduced in the mid-1930s also used roofs with overhanging eaves.
It was illustrated as an alternate design in the CBC from the 1940s,
but rarely adopted.

Can anyone explain why this roof style was adopted for steel reefers,
but not for box cars until almost 20 years later?

Bob Witt

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