Re: Question about some transition era freight car uses.

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Paul Gehrett wrote:

I'm part of a club that is in the midst of designing 2
new layouts. We want these layouts to be operations
based. We want to know the particular types of
freight cars that would be used to service some of the
industries that we want on the layout. For most of
these industries, some cars types are rather obvious.
We're also interested in knowing if there were any
"specialty" freight cars that were unique to the
industry. The general time frame for our layouts is
the 1950's. Finally, when did the grain industry
start using covered hoppers?

The list of industries is:

Grain industry
Bridge & Iron works
Paper & timber industry
There are two other types of industries which were widespread if not universal in the eras of the 1950's and before: - the team track and LCL merchandise. In terms of space on a model railroad, team tracks are relatively cheap. Meanwhile, LCL can be anything between just a peddler car on the local freight to massive car transfers which occupied acres. Most industries received spare parts, small machinery, etc. via LCL, and many shipped finished goods in lots which were smaller than carload. Indeed, most industries portrayed on model railroads are not large enough to support carload shipments to diverse destinations, and, thus, were forced to use LCL.

Tim Gilbert

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