Re: [PRR] I/M FGEX Reefer


Andy Miller asks:
This month's RMJ has a lengthy article on the FGEX reefers and a
of the forthcoming IM model. No mention is made on the IM website of this
car. Does anyone know anything about it beyond what is said in RMJ?
Based on comments (that I hope I recall correctly) by Bill Welch at Cocoa
Beach, as well as posts by Richard and others, this car represents a post
war "rebuild" of the 1920's era FGE cars. Included in this is steel
reinforcing to the wood sides, visible on the sills as small pads, taller
sides (?) and an enlarged (taller) door. This later feature is the most
problematic for those of us looking to backdate this offering to a pre-war


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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