Re: Red CABOOSE "NYC 40 ft Sheathed Boxcar (X-29)"

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Lou Nigro wrote:
"Rob is right, I should have said Red Caboose."

Is it kit no. RC-7050? At first glance, this might appear to be another
bogus Red Caboose model, but it's actually pretty accurate based on the
information that we have. NYC built 100 cars in 1926 to the either the
proposed 1923 ARA standard steel boxcar design or the early X29 design (NYC
97000-97099, later renumbered to NYC 128000-128099).

I'm hedging because this diagram is the best that we've got so far on this
car. As you can see, it's pretty minimalist, but it clearly shows X29-type
flat ends. Unfortunately, it doesn't confirm the number of side panels or
roof type; however, the dimensions are very close to that of PRR Class X29.
John Nehrich wrote to the NYCSHS requesting photos of these cars, but they
replied that there were no known photos.

It's rather humorous that Red Caboose offered 21 different car numbers for
this 100 car lot. In reality, if you're going by fleet numbers of general
service boxcars, you'd need 210 Westerfield USRA-design steel boxcars for
every one of the Red Caboose kits.

Ben Hom

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