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Tom Jones III <tomtherailnut@...>

WHOOPS! My error! I did not make clear that the new R-40-25 reefers will be
1949 PFE - not NP. If there is enough interest in another run of NP reefers,
DROP ME AN E-MAIL IMMEDIATELY at NPreefers@... ! We have
to run at least 400 cars, so if I get e-mails committing to at least 200, we
would consider running the cars again quickly. If I get e-mails committing
to at least 300, I am pretty sure they will be run immediately! We want to
provide cool, accurate, and well researched cars to those of us who enjoy
great models. But, we can't get stuck with 390 NP reefers . . . sorry.

If there are other cars that this group wants to see in production, drop the
ARM an e-mail at: newcars@...

This was not meant to be a blatant commercial plug for the Amarillo Railroad
Museum, Inc. Hope the moderator doesn't mind too much the responses!

Tom Jones III

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Subject: Re: [STMFC] Re: Intermountain NP Reefers

Tom, Are the NP reefers going to be all RTR, or can we get kits?
Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

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