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Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Rob Daniels asked:
"I'm looking for any or all of the following information regarding the
appliances used on LNE 1923 ARA boxcars following AB upgrades:

1) What type of brake housing (I believe it was power brakes, but not sure
what kind)"

Will Whittaker photographed LNE 8413 at San Francisco in 1963. This photo
ran in the Amerine/Freeman X29 article in the October 1978 Prototype
Modeler. Brake wheel and housing are Ajax.

"2) What type of cut lever (carmer, upper or lower bar)"

It's hard to tell in the Whitaker photo - it appears to be top operated.
The cars were built with Carmer cut levers. If I had to guess, I would say
that many retained them to retirement, with some replaced as Carmer parts
became scarce (as did the PRR X29).

"3) Was the three-lever system like the one on the PRR X29 retained, or was
it converted to the more conventional two-lever AB arrangement?"

The LNE cars had KC brakes vice the KD brakes of the PRR cars, so the lever
arrangement is different. I'd go with the two lever arrangement. A Paul
Dunn photo of LNE 8484 in the November 2001 Railmodel Journal has the AB
brake components nicely silhouetted.

"4) What type of trucks was used?"

The cars were built new with ARA Type Y trucks. (The Bowser 2D-F8 is the
closest match in HO and N.) These were replaced by the 1950s with AAR cast
sideframe trucks with simplex bolsters. (Life-Like Canada LL212560 in HO.)

Ben Hom

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