Re: "Reciprocal" Switching - Please Explain

Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

In practical terms wasn't it essentially limited to deliveries only? In the
Emeryville case cited earlier, what inducement would SP have for timely
pickup and transfer to the WP for an outbound load?

Dave Nelson

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From: Paul & Theri Koehler [mailto:buygone@...]

When an industry was within the "Reciprocal Switching Limits" any carries
serving that "Switching Limits" was considered to be serving that industry.
In your example the SP physically served the industry, but WP could solicit
the long haul on any inbound or outbound traffic and all SP got for the
handling was a switching charge. If on the other hand the industry was not
within the "Reciprocal Switching Limits" then the SP would get a division of
the line haul revenue.

Paul C. Koehler

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