Thanks for the Feedback on TKM

Gatwood, Elden <Elden.Gatwood@...>

To all that responded;

Thank you very much, once again, for all your valuable feedback on "The
Keystone Modeler". Some of your ideas were things that we have been
batting around, and others were things we had not thought of. All were
much appreciated. It is ONLY with your feedback that we can get an idea
of what you would like to see most, and then try to bring it to

We will be discussing various issues in the upcoming TKM, as well as
some of the new series' that will be launched. For those of you that
have PRR-prototypically-modeled layouts, we would like to see what you
have done. We are especially looking for images of scenes, with
prototype and modeled scenes displayed, much the way we have done with
our equipment and structure articles.

I also hope that those of you that can make it will come to the PRRT&HS
Annual Meeting in May (19-22) in Camp Hill (Harrisburg), PA. Al and the
hosting Committee have assembled a great program for this year, and you
modelers will be pleased at all the things they have lined up.
Continuing with locale-focused presentations; this year we go to Enola
Yard, Harrisburg, and Williamsport, and a presentation on Train 32
between Steubenville and Rockville. We will also benefit from Dick
Adams' observations on the L1s, Elmer Steuernagel on PRR Builder's
Plates, Bob Watson on ME Operations, and Al Buchan on MW Operations.
The modeling topics continue to grow. For those that didn't make
Cincinnati, we will have John Barker's presentation on Modeling Lines
West Structures, Ben Hom on Modeling the X29, Garry Spear on Modeling
PRR Heavyweight Pullmans, and a presentation on modeling PRR flat cars.
We will also be continuing the new traditional of hosting a Modeler's
Forum, and would very much like to hear what you have to say. Informal
get-togethers for modelers will take a variety of forms. Most of the
programs will be given twice, so those of you that might have other
plans, will get a second chance to see those you are interested in. The
Modeler's Room will be expanded in size this year, so folks will have
plenty of room to display their models. For those that don't like
contests, the vast majority of models are brought for display and the
enjoyment of the attendees, and I hope many of you will have the chance
to meet and talk to other modelers and share your insights. Look for
some new ways of getting interesting information out. The North Central
Chapter continues their great work in arranging and hosting a broad
array of layout tours in the area, including the chance to participate
in an operating session. For those inclined, there are also many
opportunities to do things in the non-railroad or railfanning arenas,
although the extended weekend always seems to go by too fast.

Thanks again,

Elden Gatwood

Chair, PRRT&HS Modeling Committee

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