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I was somewhat surprized that RMJ elected to run this article before
IM issues the kit, and I have not seen my article in print yet. The
HO model will more or less be the same they have issued in "N" scale,
i.e. the postwar rebuilds w/taller steel trussed superstructure. Cars
w/both six and eight inch side sills were rebuilt, and IM is offering
only those w/the 8 inch sill, but will be open to doing the other
version if sales go well, I think. The cars were owned by both Fruit
Growers Express and Western Fruit Express and some were used by FGE's
subsiderary National Car, where they would have carried NX reporting
marks as well as those of companies leasing cars from National.

I have written two other articles about the different groups of cars
own by FGE, WFE, and Burlington Refigerator Express, which will be
appearing in RP CYC and in a new modeling journal (published by
Speedwitch Media), and others are in formation.

Bill Welch

--- In STMFC@..., "Andy Miller" <asmiller@m...> wrote:
This month's RMJ has a lengthy article on the FGEX reefers and a
of the forthcoming IM model. No mention is made on the IM website
of this
car. Does anyone know anything about it beyond what is said in RMJ?


Andy Miller

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