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Todd Horton wrote:
Can anyone make out who's hopper cars are being loaded just behind
the string of boxcars?


I enlarged the image on a large monitor at work and my best guess is
those are B&O hoppers.

The date of 1941 would agree with the lettering schemes in use at that
time. The third car from the left would be a relatively new Class
N-35 AAR off-set side twin hopper with a less common lettering scheme
where the capital dome logo is on the left side of the car nearer the
initials and numbers. The next car, a ribbed side type, has the more
common scheme with the logo on the right side. The other cars are
various ribbed side twin hoppers, but the images are too small to
distinguish what B&O Classes they are. Most of those still have
earlier lettering styles in use before the introduction of the capital
dome logo.

It's also a great view of how dense gravel was loaded in hoppers
primarily designed for hauling coal.

I hope this helps.

Bob Witt

On Mar 6, 2005, at 11:36 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Cleveland, Cuyahoga River, 1941 (note "Dixieland" box car)
The 'Dixieland' car is a 1932 ARA car and that is the only photo I have
ever seen of one in that scheme! The Erie car next to it is 1932 car
as well.

Ted Culotta

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