Re: Suggestions for decaling a spare IM USRA Composite gon?

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Stefan Lerché asked:
"I've found one of these in undecorated in my pile of stuff. Does
anyone have a suggestion for a good set of prototypical decals I
could use for this orphan? I'd like to decal (or dry transfer) it
for a smaller road if possible, but any road would do if the decals
are correct."

The following are possibilities depending on your era and your
willingness to do minor kitbashing to model the steel side rebuilds
that retained the trusses:

KCS: Oddballs 87-625, steel side conversion

SL-SF: Oddballs 87-637, steel side conversion with side doors

Also, check out the following articles by Mont Switzer for more

"Intermountain's USRA Composite Gondola", Mainline Modeler, March

[PRR] "Class G24 USRA Gondola Rebuild," Mainline Modeler, February

"Monon USRA Composite Gondola," Model Railroader, March 2001 page 94

"Monon Steel Gondola - Kitbashing from an InterMountain Kit,"
Mainline Modeler, March 2002

"USRA Clone Composite Gondola," Mainline Modeler, September 2004

Ben Hom

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