Re: LNE 1923 ARA Box

Tim O'Connor

Rob Daniels wrote

1) What type of brake housing (I believe it was power
brakes, but not sure what kind)
Rob, it depends on the car # and probably on the era. A 1959 photo
of LNE #8009 clearly has a Champion hand brake housing and wheel, a
modern cut lever, Apex steel running board, and a new roof. It may
have received all of these changes in 1959, I don't know.

There are a couple of other photos that show Champion hand brakes,
including a 1961 shot that appears to show a car with its original
roof and wood running board.

I used a Kadee Champion brakewheel on my model of 8208.

At least one photo shows the leaf-coil spring AAR trucks that no one
makes in HO scale. But the #8009 photo shows trucks exactly like the
Red Caboose kit trucks (2DF8?).

Tim O.

2) What type of cut lever (carmer, upper or lower bar)
3) Was the three-lever system like the one on the PRR
X29 retained, or was it converted to the more
conventional two-lever AB arrangement?
4) What type of trucks was used?

Rob Daniels
New York, NY

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