Re: Red CABOOSE "NYC 40 ft Sheathed Boxcar (X-29)"

Jeff English

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I'm hedging because this diagram is the best that we've got so far
on this
car. As you can see, it's pretty minimalist, but it clearly shows
flat ends. Unfortunately, it doesn't confirm the number of side
panels or
roof type; however, the dimensions are very close to that of PRR
Class X29.
John Nehrich wrote to the NYCSHS requesting photos of these cars,
but they
replied that there were no known photos.
Well, that response was pure balderdash, because I have the
builder's photo which I obtained from the NYCSHS; it's neg # F168
(no hyphen, Ben! See, even NYC did <something> the same way PRR
did, besides using standard gauge.) The image is the 3-in-1 type
typical of NYC builder's photos of the late teens and through the

The NYC cars, Lot 504-B, were most definitely built on the X29
pattern and <not> the ARA design.

This fact has been covered in at least two different clinics I have
presented at conventions, as well as discussed on this list's
predecessor, freightcars@..., in a message I
posted on 2001 August 17:

" At long last and at great expense, I have obtained from the
NYCSHS copies of the builder's photos of the elusive NYC Lot 504-
B, built as NYC 97000 - 97099 by MDT, East Rochester, in 12-25.
The most remarkable thing is that the rivet pattern does not
match the 1923 ARA recommended design (as I had expected),
but rather that of the early PRR X29! (based on the patterns
illustrated in Jeff Koeller's article on PM/C&O cars in the May 2001
of Mainline Modeler) So I will stop railing on people who call
these cars
X29s, since they are tantamount to being X29s after all.
I think it is also notable that MDT concurrently built 400 cars in
Lot 503-B, NYC 97100 - 97499, following their USRA-clone all-steel
box car design. It appears as if the NYC's Mechanical Dept
wanted to do a controlled comparison of the two designs, and used
plans from the Pennsy rather than from the ARA. Obviously, they
continued to prefer the USRA-clone design, since they purchased
thousands more after this 100-car experiment.
PRR was never so open-minded as to try out the competition's

Jeff English
Troy, New York

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