Re: Vertical staff brakes

Jeff Coleman

Horizontal wheel type hand brakes are still legal, but not for new
construction. For tank cars Group D applies with Ellcon-National
(Superior) the only supplier. As for other cars Groups C,E,F and N
applies. C is horizontal wheel type with Ellcon-National Inc., Ellcon-
National (Superior), Equipco, Univeral and MacLean-Fogg-Ureco
suppliers. E&F are lever type and N is vertical wheel type.
There are still a fair number of tank cars running with the
horizontal wheel brake.
Jeff Coleman
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Anthony Thompson wrote:
Tank cars with vertical staff brakes were certainly in
service in the 1990s. I'm not aware that they were literally
though other features of an older car may have been.
I offer some clarification about the terminology used to describe
brakes on freight cars. Recently after spending a day going through
various Railway Age volumes from the 1920s I noticed that the trade
press seem to describe hand brakes by the position of the wheel
than the position of the staff. This would mean those descriptions
are just opposite of what we commonly use. The text described
"modern" power brakes as "vertical" and older styles with wheels on
vertical staffs as "horizontal".

I frankly admit that my own field notes, made before I knew alone
who was interested in freight cars, describe the hand brake
arrangements by the position of the staff.

Do others have different information?


Bob Witt

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