Re: B&O Wagon Top Box - Model RR Warehouse?

Bruce Smith <smithbf@...>

On Mar 16, 2005, at 10:05 AM, Jon Miller wrote:

Who did the decals?<
    According to the ad it's "undec, L/t&c".  The picture shows a decorated
car so not sure what they mean.  The ad does say "CSX licensed decals
soon".   Were these cars ever lettered CSX?
No, CSX thinks that they own the rights to "B&O"

    At $29.95 it's priced up there with all the good stuff, so I
guess it
better compare.
Unfortunately, Cannonball's releases are highly variable. Their GE
steeple cab electric was OK, but the last example of tooling I bothered
with from them were the troop cars, and they were pretty substandard.
The sleeper kits had large drift angles and very poor fit of parts.
The rivets on the Troop Sleepers are the size of small hamburgers.
Neither cars had representations of window sashes, and the underbodies
were minimalistic. Walthers cars for roughly the same price blow them
out of the water.


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