Re: B&O Wagon Top Box - Model RR Warehouse?

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Phil Buchwald wrote:
"What I'd be interested in a kit review is how thick the sides are.
It isn't really feasible to bash a West Shore M53 into an M15 (by
notching the sill) because the sides are about a half inch thick! If
the styrene sides are, say .050 or so thick, that would make the
whole thing a lot easier."

Why do this kibash at all? The M-15K is available as a one piece
kit from Pro Custom Hobbies ("Mt Clare Shops" done by Funaro)
and as a flat kit from Sunshine (kit 42.5, still available). You'd
end up with better results with either resin kit, and the prices for
all three are comparable.

Ben Hom

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