Re: LNE 1923 ARA Box

Robert Daniels

Thanks Mark, I've actually been looking at that site
for a while. I just wish the photos were a little more
detailed. And some photos of the ends wouldn't have
hurt either. I don't think there's much chance of
going back in time to 1961 to retake the photos so for
now they are probably our best online resource.

Rob Daniels
New York, NY

--- Mark Heiden <mark_heiden@...> wrote:

Hi Rob,

There is an LNE website that has some photos that
may be of use to

Mark Heiden

--- In STMFC@..., Rob Daniels
<shalizadad@y...> wrote:
Hi Group,

I'm looking for any or all of the following
information regarding the appliances used on LNE
ARA boxcars following AB upgrades:

1) What type of brake housing (I believe it was
brakes, but not sure what kind)
2) What type of cut lever (carmer, upper or lower
3) Was the three-lever system like the one on the
X29 retained, or was it converted to the more
conventional two-lever AB arrangement?
4) What type of trucks was used?


Rob Daniels
New York, NY

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