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Although a newby to this modeling authorship gig, having been a
newsphotographer for 13 years many years ago, I know that there can
be a wide varience between what I submit and what gets used. However
being on the staff and in the newsroom, it was easier in my newspaper
days to influence decisions.

One of my fears in submitting the article, which had a lot of photos
to support and enhance the text, was that in either in editing copy
or photos, that something would get left out that refered to
something that got left in. I have yet to see the article but it
sounds like that happened. Also, there is the issue that IM's
engineering plans changed, which I knew, but I was loath to change
the article until I knew what they were actually doing. Now the
article is out and I still do not know what they are actually doing.

I do plan to write an article on the cars designed by FGE and built
for WFE and FGE that will go further than the RMJ article and it will
allow me to correct any errors or misconceptions.

Bill welch

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Bill's text refers to two builders photos of FGEX cars, which do
not appear in the magazine. I suppose if the editor had to leave
some photos out, these should be the ones, considering the original
appearance of the cars is just "background" as far as the IM models
And the article states both the 6" and 8" side sill versions will
be made; I'm guessing IM has backed off a little since it was written?
The pitfalls of an editor publishing something without running it
by the author one last time...
Scott Pitzer

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I was somewhat surprized that RMJ elected to run this article
IM issues the kit, and I have not seen my article in print yet.

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