Re: Open and Prepay Stations

Shawn Beckert

Andy Laurent wrote:

The Official List of Open and Prepay Stations does not have any sort of comprehensive list industries and consignees. If you read the text at the heading of those lists in the "Explanation of Notes" section that Shawn mentioned, you will see that it is a list of stations that those rules apply to on a given railroad. Rules 34, 76, 99 and others have lengthy lists of industries because they are "common" car routing rules. Some railroads (the one I model - Ahnapee & Western) have no industries mentioned at all in the book. It is very hit and miss...

You know Andy, the more I read your post, the more irritated I get. I never said the list was
"comprehensive", I said it was extensive - and it is. Read my last paragraph again:

"While the lists of stations in each annual edition of the "List" are
quite large, they are not a full and complete rundown of every industry
on a particular railroad."

I think that about covers it. While the list of industries is nowhere near complete - and I
said so - there are still thousands listed, which makes these books a useful reference for
those who want some idea of what industries were served by which railroads.

I stand by that statement.

Shawn Beckert

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