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Hi Jerry,
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"Can someone clarify for me the regulations in regards to frequency of Repacking journals during the 40's? Wasn't it performed every 18 months after a car was built for safety purposes?"
Yes, Rich you are correct about the 18 month regulation. But
first let's explain to the group that we are talking about "cotton waste packing", not journal lubricator packs that came
into widespread use during 1957. The regulation on waste packing during the 1940's and early
1950's was 18 months maximum and then it was headed for the RIP track for a repack. That's not to say that a high mileage
car, as say a PFE reefer, would not require a repack sooner
if it was found that the packing had deteriorated or was glazing (a common problem with high mileage cars). Generally
speaking your model freight car repack dates should be currant
from 12 to 18 months of your chosen modeling month.

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