Re: Suggestions for decaling a spare IM USRA Composite gon?


Well, I was thinking about the MP cars that Ben Hom mentioned, but now
I am intrigued by the Frisco cars as these seem to offer much more
potential for conversion with the IM kit. I model the late 1940s to
mid 1950s era on the SP so that would work.

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What timeframe are you thinking of? Many USRA gons were rebuilt or
by the late thirties or early forties so there may not be quite so many
choices if you are working to a later date.

One road that IM never offered as a kit was the Frisco. They had several
thousand built to the same design during the twenties and many
survived into
the post war period, though there were detail variations between
batches and
many underwent rebuilding to a greater or lesser degree. The biggest
changes were the use of dreadnaught ends on the last couple of
batches and
the rebuilding which added steel sides and side doors in various

You can use the Oddballs set for the version with side doors to cobble
together enough decal an unrebuilt car.

Cars painted before 1943 were red oxide and those repainted later
were black
- Yesteryear models offered a RTR version in the latter scheme.

Another easy scheme is the old AB&C which can easily be cobbled together
from data sets and Roman lettering. Be aware that this road was absorbed
into the ACL in 1946 and the cars were very quickly retired, or
rebuilt and
re-lettered into the new owner's standard scheme.


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