Re: Suggestions for decaling a spare IM USRA Composite gon?


Thanks for the heads up about the Sunshine kit. I didn't realize that
he offered these cars. However, my original query was more with
respect to what I could do with this spare undecorated IM kit I found
in my pile of unbuilt cars, and whether there were any good decals
available for a suitable prototype to add some off road flavor to my
thanks again,

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stefanelaine wrote:

Hmmm, some great choices. I wonder where I could find a protoype photo
of that SL-SF car with the doors added
Stefan-If you want to do the SL-SF car with the doors added why
don't you
just buy one from Sunshine. They just re-released them last year and
Martin even
had one one his CA swing.
Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

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