B&O N-37 war emergency hopper details

Mark Heiden

Hello everyone,

A couple weeks ago I picked up a Proto 2000 B&O N-37 war emergency
hopper model. It's a ready-to-run car, and upon close investigation
when I got it home, I'm somewhat disappointed with it. The main
problems are that parts are not fitted properly and the lettering
(when compared to prototype photos) is in the wrong location, not to
mention the roadname is crooked! Consequently, I'm reworking the car
and I have a few questions that aren't answered by the prototype
photos I have.

1. What sort of brake step should it have? The existing step has
round holes in it (Morton?).

2. Did the prototype have roping tabs, and if it did, where were they

3. Are there any decals for these cars? The Champ set has most of
what I'll need, but if there is a specific set for the N-37s I'd use
that instead.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mark Heiden

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