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Ted, is this the same NP flatcar Speedwitch is doing?

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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Earlier in the week we had a short discusson about the Aaron Gjermundson NP
stockcar and flatcar kits. I have just gotten word from Aaron that these
masters have been slightly modified to make them easier to produce and
should be on their way to the commercial resin caster he has found to work
with in the next couple days. I have personally had some contact with the
resin caster he's working with, and this person is a professional with a
good reputation. He's done some stuff for Martin Lofton at Sunshine, so you
know his quality has to be pretty good. There is a good chance we could see
these kits back on the market in a few months. As I noted, I'm sure Aaron's
business practices have changed a lot from his earlier experiences, and I
know he has some serious regrets about his previous efforts.

If you want to know more, Aaron has created a web site to keep people
informed about what's happening. It's at www.northernspecificmodels.com .

Dan Stinson
Helena, Montana

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