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Two copies of RMJ arrived yesterday along with original photos. It
looks like the only thing that did not go as planned, other than not
having model photos, was that the two builders photos alluded to in
the text were not used. No editing was done to the text or the photo
captions, which IMO is a positive thing and a negative thing. Even
the best writers profit from a good editor, and I would have
appreciated more/any back and forth about the article, and in fact I
made what in retrospect was misleading statement that I wish an
editor with a good historical undestanding of World War Two era
operations could have helped me recast. Also, given the range of
information I included to give readers a good historical perspective
of the FGE/WFE/BRE consortium, this was a long article, but made
longer by some unnecessary wordiness that a good editor could have
helped me with.

But actually, I have little to complain about, and appreciate the
fact that Bob S. allowed for the fact that I knew the subject. I do
wish he had waited until the model was available, but now it opens up
the possibilty of a follow-up article.

I offer all of this as encouragement to people on this list as
encouragement to share your knowledge. I have realized that I have
invested a significant amount of money in collecting photos and that
doing articles is a great way to justify some of that expense and
recoup some of it, or using the money to upgrade to a digital camera,
for example.

Bill Welch

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