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Dave Nelson wrote:

New this morning (Mar 17).

Useful for locating/understanding history of major industries and their
products. Amount of detail info varies considerably, from none to some.
I've not seen one this modern so I can't comment further on what to expect.
I have two ('47 and '54) and find both useful.

Very hard to find. Price is on the high side but then it's available and
that's normally not the case. Don't know seller.

I have eight MOODY's RAILROADS (changed to TRANSPORTATION) MANUALS between 1930 and 1963 - plus one INDUSTRIAL MANUAL (1958). I have found the Railroad Manuals to be helpful in particularly two ways - history of road, and commodity data. Some of MOODY's traffic commentary in the blue (national) pages may be helpful although I do find fault with some of it - particularly LCL. They, like railroad management, were too infatuated with tonnage volume, and not too much with quality.

Using Bookfinder's search for MOODY's RAILROADS (or TRANSPORTATION), anybody can find copies available although I believe like you on the pricey side.

Another way to acquire a copy comparatively cheaper is via Ebay (search for "Moody's"). This is for the patient as the only one up for auction right now is a 1934 Edition (ending at 11:00 PM EST tonight; current bid is $20.50). But if this category is watched over a period of time, then there will be quite a few of different years up for bid.

One word of caution - if you model a specific year like 1950, don't get the 1950 Manual because the last year in which that Manual has data would be 1949. Try to get 1951, 1952, 1953 or 1954 instead - the specific commodity total tons and carload data like "Bituminous Coal" is for the last four years.

Hope this helps, Tim Gilbert

1. Moody's Industrial Manual by John Sherman Porter Moody's Investors
Service, 1962 Hard Cover. Very Good Clean Solid Copy. First Edition.

The price of the book is US$ 125.00The seller is Nancy's Books

PO BOX 287 , Washington, NJ, U.S.A., 07882.

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