Re: Erie 10 panel high side gons with drop doors


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I'm looking for some information on Erie 70 ton 10 panel high side
gondolas with drop doors. Does anyone know when these modifications
occurred, and know of photos of other cars in the series, either the
hopper version of tight bottom.

My recollection is that 750 cars were converted to conventional
hoppers in the 1930s and an equal amount received flat bottoms. I
have an article describing the conversion from the Erie employees
magazine (organization isn't my strong suit).

Photos of these cars in service are rare but I have a couple from
Chuck Yungkurth, including an end shot.

I have a nice photo taken by official Erie photographer John Long
showing a flat bottom car being loaded with the remains of a
corrugated iron building. Dan Biernacki has the negative and last I
heard he offered prints.

You may have a print from one of Chuck's negatives. I'm sure
Schuyler will be able to tell when he sees the print.


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