Re: Southern's 40' Low-Side Gondolas

Shawn Beckert

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Like the low-side gons owned by other y'all railroads (e.g., ACL, SAL),
the Southern's cars were intended primarily for limestone service. In
the only two photos I have of these cars were the loads are visible,
they're carrying crush limestone. However, open-top cars were
versatile and the Southern doubtless used their low-side gons for
anything and everything that would fit in them and didn't require
weather protection.
And limestone was and is one of the primary ingredients in portland cement:

Therefore, any railroad that had a cement plant online (probably most of
them) could expect to see railcars of limestone, shale, etc. spotted on a
regular basis. Therefore, I could probably use one or two of these Southern
gons, since the SSW did indeed have cement plants located on the system. Of
course they most likely had closer sources of limestone and may have used
their own gondolas and hoppers in this service instead of "foreign" cars.

But I'm rambling again...

Shawn Beckert

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