Re: Erie 10 panel high side gons with drop doors

Schuyler Larrabee

Ben Hom, whose name I spell correctly, said

Scuyler, you misquoted me - what I posted in Message 39771 was

"Ironically, this car was never offered by Mantua in Erie
paint and lettering."

Mantua acquired the Lindberg tooling in the mid-1980s. If
you go back and check their Walthers listings up to their
shutdown, you'll see that MANTUA never offered this car in
Erie. I'm sure at some point, Lindberg or whoever Mantua
acquired the tooling from DID offer this car in Erie.
All very nice, Ben, but I had (note: HAD) a Mantua box with an ERIE decorated
version contained within. The box was properly labeled. I no longer have
either box or model.


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