Re: PFE R30/40-19 and 21 Reefers

Paul Lyons

In a message dated 3/26/2005 10:10:49 PM Pacific Standard Time,
rhendrickson@... writes:
R-40-21 65544, Miner HB, RB appears to be Transco; R-40-21 64135,
Universal HB, RB appears to be Transco; R-30-21 64631, Klassing HB, RB
appears to be Apex; R-30-19 62537, Ajax HB, RB appears to be Transco.

Richard Hendrickson
Thanks Richard, I forgot one very important thing in my post---the underframe
type on the Pacific Freight Enterprise kits, they are the twin center sill
company built up frames. As you know easliy distinued in photos by the square
ended bolisters. I hate to make you look again, but which have the built up
under frame and which have the Bettendorf .
Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

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