I have to ask.....1937 AAR "w" question

Garrett W. Rea <Garrett.Rea@...>

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Note that the ends on both types had square
corners until late '39/early '40, after which they had W-section
posts and round-cornered ends.
Richard et al:

OK, now that this has been posted, I am really going to stick my neck
out and ask something that has bugged me for about eight years.

What exactly is this difference? I have looked at both versions of
the prototype and models and I just do not see it? The only thing I
can see are some are flat at the bottom, others have a small triangle
at the bottom, but a "W"?

Honestly, I am terrible at having something "described" to me or
told "it looks like a man's hat but upside down (etc)" and making
sense of it, so I am sure that is at play here.


Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

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