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Garth Groff <ggg9y@...>


There was also a plastic version of these cars. The one I had was from Lionel, and IIRC had a tiny script "L" to the right of the doors (which I shamelessly removed!). The basic paint was yellow. The car, however, appeared to be Athearn, which is known to have made cars under contract for both Lionel and Roundhouse.

I don't believe that any Athearn cars, steel or plastic, are accurate representations of Timken cars. Certainly not the square-cornered plastic car with 5/5 ends, which AFAIK only represents IC, Soo and DSS&A prototypes.

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Garth G. Groff

Tom Houle wrote:

In the 1950's.Athearn produced both red and yellow-side Timken Roller Bearing metal car kits in HO and O scale. In 1952 I bought an HO red-side kit. Now I'm in O scale and have have acquired the O scale red-side and yellow-side Athearn kits. Neat cars. I, too, would like to know if these cars followed the prototype. Anyone know for sure??

Tom Houle

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