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Charles Morrill <badlands@...>

Athearn made three versions of the Timken Roller Bearing boxcars in red, blue, and yellow sides. The paint schemes followed the artwork shown in Timken's magazine advertising. To my knowledge, no full size cars were painted in these schemes. I also suspect that a major reason for Athearn producing these cars were as sales give-aways for Timken.

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In the 1950's.Athearn produced both red and yellow-side Timken Roller Bearing metal car kits in HO and O scale. In 1952 I bought an HO red-side kit. Now I'm in O scale and have have acquired the O scale red-side and yellow-side Athearn kits. Neat cars. I, too, would like to know if these cars followed the prototype. Anyone know for sure??
Tom Houle
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Early Athearn (Globe?) steel/brass sides boxcars kits had a colorful
silver and blue (I think, maybe others) Timken box car. While I know the
car was probably not correct did they just invent the colors or were they
copied from something?

Jon Miller
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