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Rob Adams


Assuming that the date is correct, the car is more likely one of the CB&Q's very numerous composite gons from the GS-1/2 or GS-5/7/8 series. From the side, they appeared very similar to a USRA 40' gon. The GS-5/7/8 is available in resin form from Sunshine. The CB&Q did have 1000 USRA 40' gons, originally in class GA-15, but most were modified with solid floors and cut-down sides well prior to World War II. This gave them a very different look than the original configuration

There is an excellent data sheet for the CB&Q composite gons available from the Burlington Route Historical Society <> The Sunshine kits also have some information and prototype pictures in their data sheet.

The Burlington's composite gondolas were indeed painted a mineral red color.

Depending on the class/car number, it could have had Andrews, or some flavor of AAR cast steel truck. More details can be found in the BRHS data sheet.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

Rob Kirkham wrote:

I've found an interesting photo on the National Archives of Canada site at <>

I think it is an USRA wood sheathed gon. The number isn't really legible. Also, while it is hard to tell the colour of the car in this Oct. 21, 1944 photo (taken at a ship yard in Vancouver B.C. that was fitting air craft carriers for war service), my guess is a freight car red colour. I base my guess on the fact the lighting in the photo is from behind the subject, yet like the box car this car is not lost in darkness. Of course, that could be the work of grime over black. Does it make any sense that this could be freight car colour given the date? And if so, any modelling suggestions for:
a) the paint colour
b) the trucks
c) tie downs for this load?


Rob Kirkham

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Rob Adams
Modeling Keokuk, IA and the CB&Q's K&W branch, circa 1938

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