Re: Carstens "Railroad Music" album

Victor Rance

Paul and all,

Off topic perhaps but much appreciated information. Found the Merle Haggard
album on line as a double with his "Roots of My Raisin'" album. It arrived
today and is worth the wait (4 weeks). Although not recorded until 1976 it
sure has a steam era 'feel' and is real easy listenin'. Now what was his
other album with "railroad" music?

Victor Rance, Adelaide, South Australia

Modeling the Santa Fe Howard, KS, Branch

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Subject: Re: [STMFC] Carstens "Railroad Music" album

Tony, and all,

At first this may seem "off-topic" for this group,...but since you mention
"railroad music",...did you know that Merle Haggard, the famous
country-music singer, is a big railroad-fan, both model & prototype?

He has a railroad-music album, "My Love Affair with Trains", and another
one, which have original, new, railroad songs, which I've found quite
inspiring to listen to, when I'm building, and running, my steam-era freight
cars & trains.

The music is all original, as versus the standard, "Orange Blossom Special",
etc., and even has one song written by Dolly Parton, "My Love Affair with

Listening to his steam-era music puts me in the mood and time-frame of
railroading which I'm (we) are trying to model, recapture and sustain.

Just a word of thought about another aspect of our steam-era sustaining

Paul Hillman

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From: Anthony Thompson

Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2005 2:18 AM


Subject: [STMFC] Carstens "Railroad Music" album

If anyone on the list has this LP, please contact me off-list.

I have a digital copy from the album (which I made for the person who

owns the album) but don't have the artist and track names.

Tony Thompson Editor, Signature Press, Berkeley, CA

2942 Linden Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705

(510) 540-6538; fax, (510) 540-1937; e-mail,
Publishers of books on railroad history

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