Re: ex-PRR cars on Rutland or GMRR? also cars on the OERM

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That is very interesting info. Yes, the Andrews seem to have been
replaced, often with PRR 2D-F8 trucks, when they got rebuilt, but truck
swaps after that were even common.

I have never seen anything that resembles a serial or VIN number on a
PRR freight car, just the car numbers on the exterior, and one on the
underframe (perhaps in case the two were separated for a rebuild and
they wanted to keep track of the underframe for accounting purposes),
but your idea makes more sense. I have seen parts numbers stamped into
just about everything.

If the other one with the diagonal roof is an X26C, then that would make
it one of the last 500 rebuilds. We also don't know if it may have been
one of the X26C that were further rebuilt in the mid-60's into an X26F.
Since the X26Cs were hitting the 40-year rule, some portion of the fleet
was supposedly re-underframed to allow them to continue in service. I
don't know what the details of this swap out were, though. And I say
supposedly with good reason. The PRR rebuilds sometimes didn't seem to
include parts that you would have thought would have had to have been
changed. Crown trucks are one example. How those trucks ended up
escaping replacement when they outlawed Andrews-style trucks is beyond
me! And they ended up on "rebuilds" like the new G36 class gons?

Let us know if you find anything more out!


Elden Gatwood

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The two cars sitting in Middlebury have rectangular panel
roofs. The trucks are solid bearing types, however they are not the
original Andrews trucks... understandable since they ran in the
One car has been painted white with red roof and ends. The
other is in brown primer on one side and both ends, while the other
side is still in GMRR green with the words, "Terry's Pullman" neatly
stenciled next to the door. Both cars are "stock", with no MOW
modifications, etc.
I looked all over for enough paint to get a car number, but
had no luck. I even went back there in early evening and tried to
see if I could catch a shadow of the original numbers under the top
coat of paint, but they must have done a thorough job when they
repainted them.
Is there some sort of equivalent to an automobile "VIN" tag
that the PRR would have attached to the cars? Serial number
stampings in the sheet metal somewhere? Could a serial number on the
old USRA underframe be tied to a PRR number? I did see numerals
stamped on various pieces here and there, but they didn't mean
anything to me.
I haven't seen the car that is down in Rutland, but would
like to get down there if I get a weekend off.
The photo shows a diagonal panel roof, definitely in GMRR
paint, but like I wrote before, you can't make out a car number.

Best Regards,
Phil Buchwald

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I had heard the Vermont had some of these cars, and even saw a pic

Me and the other guys involved in TKM would love to see some
photos of
these cars, so we get the details right. While we know some of
roof went with what cars, specifics about any of them are
useful in doing these cars up right for the magazine.

If you or any other intrepid STMFC members have a chance to get
images, we could particularly use:

Roof shot (and hoping, treatment type) and running board type

B end details, including handbrake and brake step

Underframe shots

And, of course, car numbers!

Elden Gatwood

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