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Twofer:Generally the car number would be located on the frame almost in the
center of the car.I have a color shot of an all green PS-1 that I took.These
were painted solid green after the Rutland ceased operations.Other PS-1s
were leased to the MEC.Armand Premo

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Didja ever see the all-green, no-yellow Rutland PS-1s?

A guy down in Bellows falls showed me a black and white photo of
one that had been repainted that way. Yup, it was still a Rutland
car, not a GMRR!

Phil Buchwald

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Phil, I think that's the site where I originally ran up on this
controversy. The issue seems to be were the cars delivered with the
galvanized roof or not. It's highly possible that if they were
repainted in the shops that they just sprayed the whole car yellow.
IIRC this website has several "eye witness accounts" of the cars
having a yellow roof. But I wonder if they have researched whether
or not these were "as delivered" or simply shop repainted cars.
Regardless of what eye witness accounts say or diagrams I'll take
photographic evidence any day. If Mr Hawkins has a photo of the cars
with a galvanized roof then that's pretty convincing evidence to me.
Todd Horton

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It's funny how these cars have acquired almost a cult

There's a site called "Remembering the Rutland", and on it
was a report of an ex-Rutland PS-1 that was being moved to a
I have pasted the following from the site. Hope this is ok to do.

"Rutland PS-1 No. 445 To Be Preserved at the RRMNE
by Steve Mumley

Ex-Rutland PS-1 box car #445 has been saved for preservation and
on it's way to the Naugatuck Railroad (aka The Railroad Museum of
New England) near Waterbury, Connecticut. After its tenure on the
Rutland, the 445 was sold to Hudson Leasing and was leased to the
Vermont Railway. <snip> Upon close observation of the roof, you
see where it was painted yellow! It's my understanding that it
be restored to the Rutland yellow and green as-delivered paint

-Steve Mumley"

The following link shows some photos of the car:

Of course, the discription doesn't include details such as:
the yellow paint just overspray from the sides? Was the yellow
present only on the roof seam caps (they were sometimes sealed
car cement and painted over, leaving the main panels
So the debate will probably still provide a lot of "enjoyment
years to come!

Other info: Nimke's book on the Rutland includes a page from
the 1961 ORER. There is a note which states that the 2nd and 3rd
orders of PS-1s were equipped with permanent lading anchors. So at
least these two groups of cars were intended for something in
addition to talc loading.
Final word, then I'll shut up: One photo in Nimke's book
a good 3/4 view of a 200 series car. The one thing that strikes
is how wavy the separation between the green and the yellow is.
don't be TOO careful when you mask your cars off! ;>

Best Regards,
Phil Buchwald

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I don't know if the "debate" will ever be ended because there
believers of the yellow roofs.

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