Re: Accurail ouside braced boxcar


They are reasonable stand ins for these roads' cars and for SP/T&NO/PE
B-50-14 series cars with the Hutchins Dry Lading roof ie:
SP30640-30939, T&NO 52760-53059, PE10300-10599. Sunshine cars are
better of course, but
Accurail cars are pretty good if you wanta fast fleet. See Richard
Hendrickson's excellent article in the Feb 1993 RMJ, April 1993 and
Martin Lofton's article in the Nov 1994 MM for good photos and
kitbashing ideas.

Hope that helps some...
Stefan Lerché
Duncan BC Canada, "okiemax" <okiemax@y...> wrote:

Is Accurail's 4100 Series boxcar accurate for any railroads other than
the Canadian National, Algoma Central, and Rutland. Information will be

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