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Mark Heiden

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply. I have a photo of this car as Wellsville,
Addison & Galeton 4001. On the WAG, it has a single, looks like 6
foot wide door (it was in captive service on the WAG, so no ORER
details are available). I think this car may have been conveyed to
the WAG on start-up in 1956, so it wouldn't be in the 1957 S of E. It
does have the Indestructable ends, and although the photo isn't
great, it looks like it has z-bar bracing rather than an all wood
end. Did the Indestructable ends lead to a shorter interior length?
The 4001 looks like a 40 foot long boxcar.

Does the 1955 S of E have an entry for class M-41 boxcars? I
understand that these are ex-Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh cars,
and comprised the other three boxcars in the 4000 series on the WAG.
I'd be interested in knowing the same sort of things about the M-41s
as I was about 190186.

Thanks again,
Mark Heiden

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"Mark Heiden" wrote:

Could someone provide me with the class and length of B&O boxcar
190186, circa 1956?

According to the B&O Summary of Equipment for January 1, 1955 car
190186 is a Class M-13B 40-ton, steel-underframe box car with IL of
36'-0" built in 1910 by the AC&F. These were "automobile box cars"
with staggered doors with an opening of 10'-0". They had fishbelley
underframes and side-sills. According to the ORER for 1953 (NMRA
reprint) the car still had its 10-ft door openings.

It is gone by the the 1957 S of E and I do not have a 1956 S of E.

Do you have a photo of the car? I would speculate that by 1950 the
car was rebuilt with "indestructible ends" which are steel and/or
braced single-sheathed ends (see the Westerfield M-15 kits for

My speculation is these old cars, although listed in the ORER as
available for interchange, did not interchange, but were used to
materials between the B&O company stores. I have not been able to
verify this fact, but there were several class M-15 that lasted into
the early 1960s well beyond there expected life times.

Bob Witt

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