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Mark Heiden

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If it is an ex-M-13B it has to have an IL of 36-ft. Does the cars
have fishbelley side sills as that would confirm it to be an ex-M-
The equivalent 40-ft cars are class M-15, but they have straight
sills with fishbelley underframes.
The car does have what appears to be a shallow fishbelly underframe,
sort of like the underframe on Walther's HO X29 boxcars. A faded
class designation is stenciled on the right side of the car near the
ladder. Only M-1? is clear, the final digit being very faded.

Yes, the B&O Class M-41 were ex-BR&P box cars.

BR&P 3500 to 3999 built 1914 IL 36'-0" with 60 cars listed in the
S of E became B&O 188000 to 188485

The series was reduced to 1888014 to 188408 with 6 cars still listed
in the 1955 S of E.

I have seen some photos of the cars repainted by the WAG, but still
carrying the B&O classifications.
I have pictures of 4002 and 4003 that are clearly marked M-41. I
haven't found a picture of 4000, but I'd bet it is the same.

Do you know of any models for these cars, or if nothing accurate
exists, any good stand-ins?

Mark Heiden

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