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Yes, that slick finish did not last long. It was a sticky substance,
and therefore, a coat of dirt would adhere rather quickly.


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OK, I can understand now that car cement is somewhat like car
undercoating, a petroleum based product- . If so, then I would
suspect that it would be thick (i.e. have some bulk) and would be
expected to at least "round off" or obscure the finer details (I
picture the coating to be not unlike very thin asphalt paving!).
However, in photos it looks to have a glossy "skin" when newly
applied, apparently enough that it can accept painted numbers, etc.
However, it would seem probable that dulling of the finish would
occur fairly quickly, and that in our modeling a flat black finish
would be most appropriate, even for cars that are relatively new.

Do I understand this correctly?

Denny S. Anspach, MD

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