Re: USAX 38005 heavy duty flat

Ian Cranstone

Gene Green asks:

Wouldn't T29 and T30 be Soviet tanks?
In this case, no. The U.S. Army assigned Txx numbers to test vehicles, and only assigned the Mxx numbers after they had been given production status.

If these are the same vehicles referred to in my "British and American Tanks of World War II" book, the T29 was a heavy tank prototype mounting a 105 mm gun, originally intended for use in the invasion of Japan. The T30 was an essentially identical vehicle, but mounted a 155 mm gun. There was also a variant T34 design which mounted a 120 mm gun, which apparently evolved into the M103 heavy tank.

According to their vital statistics, these were huge vehicles, weighing 69 & 72 tons -- the M4 Shermans ran about 33-35 tons.

Now moving off this topic before our moderator steps in...

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