Re: USAX 38005 heavy duty flat

Clyde Williams <billdgoat@...>

The military equipment was listed in the ORER, at least in the 1943
issue, the year I model. The manuals are for instructions in general,
not specific data. That's why they are listed in the ORER.
In 1943 only tank cars were listed as military owned. The Navy under
U.S.N.X., and the Army as C.W.S.X., U.S.O.X. AND U.S.Q.X.
The USQX (Q for Quartermaster Corps) were for petoleum (gasoline). The
USOX seemed to be for assorted general chemicals, including assorted
acids, while the CWSX cars were for chlorine, arsenic tri-chloride,
yellow and white phosphorus, which were apparantly more dangerous,
and, oddly, alcohol.
Intermountain ran the USQX cars (silver with black lettering) a few
years ago. In response to my question a few years ago, they stated
they had no current plans to rerun these cars. Hopefully that may
Bill Williams

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